New Service Announcement!

One of the biggest issues we see when prospective clients contact us searching for a quote for their new build, extension or renovation is that most of them don't have any specifications. Specifications are critical in making sure that your prospective builder can bring your project to life, as you imagined it.

Simply put, specifications are details. It tells your prospective builder what you want your finished project to look like. It tells them your paint colours, benchtop stone type, kitchen cabinetry type and finish, floor and walls tiles, roof tile or sheeting profile and colour, type of cornice, brick/render/cladding type and colour. The list goes on!

With specifications, you will be able to compare apples to apples. Without it, every builder quote you receive will only list the builders standard inclusions and every builder is different. 

Our new service will cut through this confusion, and allow you to receive useful quotes from numerous builders that cover all the same inclusions - inclusions that you want!

Our Project Specs package will see you sitting with our inhouse team to discuss and select the critical specifications for your project, and within your budget. These selections will then be processed into an easy to read document that you will send out to prospective builders for quoting alongside your plans and approvals.

Madic have a great introductory offer for our new service so get in touch to tell us about your project today!