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The Connection Between Specifications & Happiness

Was it Vivid White for the ceilings or Polar White?

We know! You're excited (and we're excited for you), you finally have your plans finished and you daydream about walking into your new kitchen, bathroom or whole house once construction is finished. You're thinking if you should upgrade your lounge or how big of a rug you'll need in your open plan living room. But first things first, you have 3 builder quotes sitting in front of you and now you must embark on the daunting journey of comparing them. Did Builder A include 20mm stone benchtops or was that Builder C? Did Builder B include tiles or floating floors to the bedrooms? You start to lose focus as you look at the list in front of you and realise you will need to go back and ask all 3 Builders a bunch of questions just so you can compare the costs and make sure everyone is including the same finishes.

It doesn't have to be like this! Picture this: you did a little search and clicked a couple buttons and found Madic. You get in touch and book in your Project Specs consult. There you are taken on a wonderful journey through your project and you map out exactly what you want, and within your budget. It might also include an excursion to their friends at Beaumont Tiles Wetherill Park where you can pick floor tiles, wall tiles, towel rails, and is that a gorgeous matt black basin mixer I see in the corner over there? Finally, once all your selections are made you receive your Project Specs and when you make that post looking for a Builder or you send an enquiry you now have a very handy document that lets the Builder know exactly what they need to include in their price.

But "how will this make me happy?" you ask. Because we're keeping it simple! Building, renovating, extending...it's hard work and there are dark corners on that journey where details and information can get lost. We're not playing 'pin the blame on the donkey' here, there are just a lot of moving parts and if you can simplify and take control of important details before they have the chance to disappear then why wouldn't you? Your Architect or Drafty cares about the design, your Builder cares about the physical build and you care about the details; this is your home after all.

Project Specs aren't just about the aesthetic either, they're very practical as well. Have you thought about the type of mortar joints you want with your brick walls? Spoiler, there are like 4 different types! Have you thought about the type of cornice? That's the trim you see where your walls and ceiling meet (there are atleast 1000 different types of those!) These are decisions that you can make early that can make all the difference in how smoothly your project goes from paper to reality. Who wouldn't be happy with that?

And while we're on the topic of happiness, do you want to know what makes us happy? Sticking to budgets. Being in the industry, and building in real time in the real world, we can show you what selections you can make based off your budget. We won't make you fall in love with imported Italian marble tiles and waste your time by creating Project Specs that will only work in la la land if you don't have a bottomless well to draw from (who does these days?). But we're equally not into the bottom of the barrel either in terms of quality, which is why we customise the service to you. It's really as simple as that.

Get yourself some Projects Specs, receive quotes that are actually comparable and give yourself the best start to breaking ground - it's worth it.

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